Kinesiology (Integrated Healing)

Redfern KinesiologyIntegrated Healing is a powerful healing modality that combines the knowledge of applied kinesiology, Chinese meridian therapy, acupuncture, psychology and energy balancing.

It is not about treating a condition and its symptoms – we work on the underlying causes and clear the stress that they create, thereby treating the root cause.

Every-one goes through life experiencing forms of stress and trauma. The unconscious mind holds the memories of these fears and emotions, which operate in our daily life. The unconscious memories are the ones that drive thoughts and behaviours you might engage in even though you know they are detrimental to your wellbeing.

Many of our learned fear responses, such as anger, avoidance, defensiveness, depression, PTSD, anxiety and phobias are driven by our unconscious mind and can go back as far as our first heartbeat. If we don’t bring these memories to the surface and clear them in a safe environment, they will continue to play out in our lives. Integrated Healing is the most powerful tool I have come across to facilitate this.

Integrated Healing helps you step into your own power to remove conscious or conscious behaviours, dysfunctions or ailments. Using muscle-response testing to read the subtle energy responses from the unconscious mind, we are able to bring underlying programs to the surface and clear them using a wide selection of healing techniques that address the emotional issue or physical dysfunction.

Using simple but powerful protocols, Integrated Healing works with difficult-to-deal-with issues such as:

  • Sabotage & Survival Programs
  • Deep Level Neurological Switching
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Clearing Negative Amygdala Memories
  • Soul Integrations
  • Clearing Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Chakra Gateways
  • Invasive Energies
  • Restoring Blueprint States
  • Age Recession
  • Chamber Of Memories
  • Assemblage Point
  • Physical Dysfunctions

The body is a powerful self-healing mechanism when given what it needs – Book in for a free 15 minute discovery consultation if you would like to talk with me directly about Integrated Healing and how it could benefit you