Functional Naturopathic Medicine

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Combining the philosophies of naturopathy & the systems of functional medicine allows an in individualised & client-centred approach to healthcare that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness:

  • The whole of you is acknowledged and treated

  • Treatments are individualised – functional medicine targets the specific manifestation of disease in each individual

  • Utilises patient education on dietary & lifestyle interventions, herbal medicine and clinical nutrition

  • Traditional knowledge combined with the latest evidence-informed clinical trials, epigenetic & microbiome research

  • Collaboration between practitioner and patient

The client’s story is paramount to healing –  it not only allows them to be heard but it gives them insight into what is going on with their health. A comprehensive understanding of the development of poor health within the context of a person’s unique experience is the best way to improve health in the short term and resolve complex, chronic disease in the long term

By methodically & systematically exploring all of the possible reasons you have developed poor health, we are able to find the causes of illness, treat the causes and provide symptom relief that does not cause harm. 

By working as a team, we can dissect the symptoms, the layers, the multiple systems, lifestyle and other dietary factors to create better health.

It is a way that encourages the team healthcare approach of the accountable patient, myself and ideally includes your GP, specialists and other allied health practitioners who will work with an integrative approach for the good of the patient

Chronic illness, lifestyle diseases and mental health issues are on the rise in our society

It is time to move from the reductionist ‘one disease, one drug’ approach to a functional model of health-care that addresses the multiple underlying causes of illness rather than just treating symptoms, whilst acknowledging that we are all unique so that treatments can be tailored and personalised to the individual

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