Herbal Medicine Dispensary RedfernI stock a herbal medicine dispensary of the highest quality medicinal-grade tinctures, and dispense a range of practitioner-only supplements with access to a large nutraceutical & herbal supplement dispensary

Quality is imperative when using herbal medicines – stringent testing regimes are essential to guard against substitution of species, adulteration of herbs and poor quality herbs

Pharmaceutical-Grade Natural Medicines

Our natural medicines are all registered and comply with the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA).Under the TGA, Australia has the strictest regulations in the world for complementary medicines – in other nations they are sold as ‘foods’ with no evaluation of the quality of raw materials, manufacturing, effectiveness or safety

This means that they are well-researched medicines of the highest quality and therapeutic efficacy that will be prescribed specifically for you

Highest quality practitioner-only products

    • Biopractica
    • Bioceuticals
    • Biomedica
    • Cell logic
    • Eagle
    • Enduracell
    • Flordis
    • MD Nutritionals
    • Mediherb
    • Medlab
    • Metagenics
    • MTHFR Support
    • Nutrition Care
    • Nordic Naturals
    • Orthoplex
    • Pure Innovation
    • Research Nutrition
    • Spectrumceuticals

If you would like to pick up supplements from the dispensary without an appointment, you will need to provide a written script from the practitioner who prescribed them to you