Initial Consultation (60 mins) – $250

The initial appointment is a comprehensive & detailed information-gathering session.

Prior to your consultation, I will review the information provided on your new-client intake form. This will allow us to provide more effective use of your scheduled appointment time.

My treatment approach has a focus on taking out the ‘guess-work’ – analysing pathology (blood tests) in detail, and using functional testing to direct treatment effectively.

I will review any recent/previous pathology you have had done prior to our appointment, and let you know if any tests are missing which need to be tested for to direct your treatment.

After gathering your health and medical history, all new clients will receive a referral letter for pathology testing to ensure effective treatment plan direction, and we will discuss the need to set-up any functional testing depending on your situation and goals, e.g. Urinary Iodine Testing, Gut Microbiome Testing, Food Biocompatibility Testing, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, (HTMA) Extensive Thyroid Panel, Organic Acids Testing (OAT).

This will depend on your unique situation and what I perceive as important for your treatment. Together we will prioritise what to begin with based on your goals (short and long term), and costs.

We will usually begin some very gentle and foundational treatment – lifestyle, dietary and supplemental – while waiting for your testing results.

Standard Follow-Up Consultation (30/45/60 mins) – $150/$200/$250

Typically scheduled one month after your initial consultation, consolidation of your treatment plan will be discussed at follow-up appointments. Treatment plans are highly individualised and personalised, based on your testing results and goals.

Depending on how complex your health concerns are, multiple appointments scheduled over a varying number of weeks or months may be necessary. As every person is different, it will depend on your unique situation. This will be discussed in more detail at your initial consultation.

Acute Consultation (15mins) – $100

For short discussions on testing results, or an acute ailment
For existing clients only. All new clients please book an initial consultation

Blood Test Interpretation (2x15mins) – $150
(Pre-Paid Package)

For existing clients only – to check-in for pathology reviews
1st 15min appointment  – for writing up a referral letter
2nd 15min appointment  – for analysis and discussion of testing results

Consultation Hours (AEST):

Tuesday:        10:00am-5:00pm

Wednesday:  10:00am-5:00pm

Thursday:       10:00am-3:00pm

Depending on appointment demand, there may be a wait-time for your appointment. If you’d like to be wait-listed for an earlier appointment, please email us at after you have made your online booking